Bespoke bicycles

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Julien Papon doesn’t sell bikes—he sells Vitess bicycles, a breed apart. In fact, his work more closely resembles that of a jeweller than your average bike-hawking Joe, with his custom creations commanding prices of $4,000 to $25,000 apiece. Why so expensive? Each bike is unique and fine-tuned to the needs of its lucky owner. “We craft the best possible bike for each customer based on individual body type, posture, and goals,” explains Julien. “All with an emphasis on comfort and safety, not to mention performance and looks.”

© Vitess

Just one hundred two-wheeled works of art roll out of the Toronto-based boutique each year, the product of a niche strategy adapted to a sport that attracts a discerning clientele with a taste and means for the crème de la crème. “When you buy a Vitess bicycle, you become part of a select group,” says Papon. “We use the same brand strategy as Louis Vuitton, and limit sales to our own stores to ensure optimal quality and customer service.”

By David Nathan

Published in CHIC par Germain magazine, issue 3

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