CHIC Talks

Talk, talk, talk. CHIC Talkers love to communicate. Our team has chatted with some of our era’s most fascinating folk: fashion designers, chefs, musicians, artists, architects.

Allow us to introduce you…

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CHIC Travel

We know, you’re hooked on travel. We’re hooked on travel too… and we’re eager to share and compare. We’ve got travel tales, incredible journeys, relaxing stays… plus the inside goods from our CHIC Concierge—hotspots in Montréal, Québec City, Toronto and Calgary.

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CHIC Trends

Streamlined, elegant, interesting, timeless. Your style is your own, but we love to inspire it. In CHIC Trends, we’re keen to discuss the latest fashions, from shoes and jewelry to fine leather and warm, riveting outerwear. Stay informed and have fun—these are fabulous, fashionable times!

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